Fatal Drop: Hangings in Chicago History

The gallows erected for George Painter. Badly. The rope broke. Was there really an official city hangman hiding in the “sentry box,” or was it just for show?
Thousands of cars drive right past the site of the old city gallows every day without even realizing it! From 1872-1927, when the city switched to the chair, nearly one hundred men were hanged by the neck until they were dead in the old jail in River North.
Not to mention the original courthouse site, where prisoners were hanged between 1859 (when public hangings were outlawed in the state) and 1872, when the new jail was built. The true crime stories behind them are utterly riveting.
Adam once wrote a book (under an alias) about hangings in Chicago, and is an expert on the topic. This walking tour tells tales of murders that led to hangings (or very nearly did) around the loop, including a hike right up to the site of the gallows themselves. Is it haunted? Well, it sure seems like it ought to be, and the prisoners in the old days said it was….
Public dates TBA, private tours any time. “Bus” version with different stories also available.

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