Ghosts of Chicago Tours

Detail of a large photo of the Iroquois Theater after the devastating fire. The translucent people may just be a camera issue, but they sure look spooky!

Ghost stories even a skeptic will love! Behind every great ghost story is good history, and Adam Selzer has made a career out of finding the best information available, finding new data about old stories that he uses in books, articles,  and the most entertaining, informative ghost tours in town!  He is the author of HH HOLMES: THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE WHITE CITY DEVIL, GHOSTS OF CHICAGO, MYSTERIOUS CHICAGO,  JUST KILL ME and several other books on the stranger side of Chicago history, and regularly appears on The History Channel and the Travel Channel, most recently on four episodes of AMERICAN RIPPER. You can follow his years of research on the Mysterious Chicago  blog. 

A ghost tour guide since 2005, and a longtime guide for Chicago Hauntings, Weird Chicago, Shoreline and others, Adam’s walking tours are the best ghost tour deal in town! They feature original research, expertly woven into compelling stories from a master tour guide. Feel free to bring your cameras and ghost hunting gear.  “If I said we had ghost sightings every tour, I’d obviously be trying to trick you,” says Adam. “But we’ve had strange experiences plenty of times on my tours over the years, so you never know!”

The stories told from tour to tour vary, but generally include bits about HH Holmes, the old city gallows, Resurrection Mary, “The Alley of Death and Mutilation,” and a whole lot more, with visual aids. All for about half the price of most tours in town!

Tours begin at the LaSalle-Wacker Building (121 W Wacker), then proceed through the Loop and River North, covering roughly 1.5 miles and ending near a haunted pub on Clark Street about two blocks north of the starting location. Appropriate for all ages (though some stories may be a bit too gruesome for small children). Tours typically last 75-90 minutes, and run rain or shine.

Check the homepage for dates/times! If you have at least three people, a tour can often be added at a custom date, pending schedule availability. Email with dates and requests!

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