Ghosts of Chicago Tours

Detail of a large photo of the Iroquois Theater after the devastating fire. The translucent people may just be a camera issue, but they sure look like ghosts!

The signature tour Adam has run over a thousand times, based entirely on original research!

When Adam started running ghost tours in 2005, he told the stories the way all of the Chicago ghost tour guides did. But when he started to fact-check, he realized they were a mess! So he dug into research, rebuilding his stories from the ground up. Often, the real back story behind a haunted location was even better than the fake one!

Ghost fans deserve better than what they’re getting. TV, books, and tours often rely too heavily on “never let facts get in the way of a good story” approaches, sloppy research, and a general refusal to be rational about anything. Adam’s ghost tours examine “what do we know and how do we know it,” digging into the backstory and discussing how the ghost stories grew and spread over time (rather than tricking you into thinking that your camera flash bouncing off a window is a ghost).

But, then again, ghost sightings on Adam’s tours are not unheard of!

Adam appears regularly on TV and the radio talking about ghostlore, and is the author of such books as GHOSTS OF CHICAGO (Llewelyn 2013), GHOSTS OF LINCOLN (Llewelyn 2015), and the upcoming novel JUST KILL ME (Simon and Schuster 2016), which is about a ghost tour company who finds a very unusual way of keeping their tour stops haunted. He is also quite possibly the only researcher who’s ever gotten to do any ghost hunting in the basement of the post office that occupies part of the grounds where the H.H. Holmes “Murder Castle” once stood.

Available as a public bus tour seasonally; privately or for school groups year-round.  Walking tours of “Loop” sites available on request, as well, not to mention the Ghosts of Lincoln Park Walking Tour