HH Holmes and Jack the Ripper: The Chicago Evidence (podcast)


Is it April 4, 2017 already? You know what that means – my massive new book, HH HOLMES: THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE WHITE CITY DEVIL is out today from Skyhorse Publishing, on the heels of starred reviews in Booklist and Library Journal!

This content has been removed for the time being.  Sorry! I’ll have it back up as soon as the Powers That Be let me. 

In the mean time, just so you don’t leave empty-handed, here’s a cool band from the Chicago suburbs. They’re called Noah’s Arcade, just like the great chain where they have two of every game.  Check ’em out! Did you know that the building they showed for the TV studio on Wayne’s World was the Leo Burnett building on Wacker Driver?

And for a lot more on HH Holmes, of course,  check out HH Holmes: The True History of the White City Devilthe most comprehensive biography of the man yet, out today from Sky Horse, and the ebook companion collection of his writings, Very Truly Yours HH Holmes


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