My new Chicago history blog on Time Out Chicago

Time Out Chicago, a local magazine, asked if I’d like to create a blog for them about odd and interesting Chicago history stuff.

So I now have a Time Out Blog that I’m referring to as “Adam in the Archives,” since most posts will involve me digging obscure stories from old newspaper archives. I have two posts up so far, with one or two per week coming up.

Christmas Tragedies recounts a few tales of woe from the papers of a century ago (when taste and propriety were not exactly the order of the day).

Chaplin’s Censorship in Chicago tells about how we actually had a government group that censored movies in Chicago 100 years ago. No foreign nations launched attacks on us over Charlie Chaplin’s Hitler-bashing The Great Dictator in 1941, but Chaplin ran afoul of local censors in 1914 over a two-reeler in which he spends about half the film pantless. This week marks exactly 100 years since Chaplin moved to Chicago; it was supposed to be a long-term move but only lasted a few weeks.

Tonight (the 28th) I’ll be talking about the blog on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez on WGN.  Look for more TimeOut posts soon.

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