A new look, a new name. CHICAGO UNBELIEVABLE!

It’s probably been long overdue that I disassociate this site from Weird Chicago, since I haven’t actually worked with them in a long time now. So I’m pleased to announce the launch of CHICAGO UNBELIEVABLE!  Watch for a rebirth of this blog in coming weeks, with more podcasts, more ebooks, and other cool stuff!

As an update from me, I’m under contract for a number of cool Chicago history books, including Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks From Chicago History, due next year from Globe Press. I’m very excited about a book about how Chicago created the film industry that I’m writing with Michael Glover Smith, and both Troy Taylor and I will have several articles in an upcoming book about American ghost stories and hauntings.
Chicago is an unbelievable city, full of unbelievable stories. And we’ll be digging them up and showing them to you here at CHICAGO UNBELIEVABLE!
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