Al Capone’s House for Sale

There’s hardly an old building in the cit that people don’t say was once owned by Al Capone, Chicago’s own real-live version of Jabba the Hutt. Almost all such stories are nonsense; he kept a rather low profile in the city. But there’s one house that we can all agree that he owned down on the south side – and it’s up for sale!

Capone’s House for Sale

Weird Chicago’s own Troy Taylor is quoted in the article!

The house was featured a while ago on the “Cities of the Underworld’ show, though the episode seemed patently absurd to me – as the show generally does. They go to some great places there, but they rely WAY too much on just relaying the wildest, craziest rumors instead of doing actual research. The woman who showed them around Capone’s house seemed kinda like a phony to me – Capone wasn’t in that house after about 1932, when he went to jail. For her to remember him, and what he was like in the house, she would have to be at least 85 or so. She didn’t LOOK any older than about 60 to me.

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