All Over the News

Well, I was all over the media this past week! That’s October in the ghost busting biz. It seemed like every day I was doing a phone interview, taking a meeting, talking with someone who was researching an article, or going to a radio studio for an interview. Here are some highlights:

Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez on WGN had me back to talk about my latest novel, Play Me Backwards, and some local ghost stories. I love this show! I come in at about the 37 minute mark. Patti had first hand accounts of the supposedly haunted Hooters at Erie and Wells (a location that always gives me a chance to talk about grave robbing – my favorite thing!)

WBEZ Curious City met up with me twice to record segments for their story on local ghost stories (The Iroqouis Theatre and Resurrection Mary). Ray Johnson, the Haunt Detective, is also featured. You might remember him from a few of our podcasts.

And RedEye did a whole spread:

Adam Selzer in the RedEye, Oct 2014
Adam Selzer in the RedEye, Oct 2014 page 2
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