Another Belle Gunness update: curiouser and curiouser!

A few months ago, we reported that Belle Gunness, the Chicago candy store owner-turned Indiana serial killer, was exhumed from her grave due to suspicions that it wasn’t really her inside of it – many people doubted that she had cut off her own head and hidden it where it would never be found before jumping under a falling piano in the middle of a fire.

Well, inside the coffin, they found the remains of three children.

Resesarcher have now also exhumed Gunness’ three kids, who also died in the fire, and tests are being done to see if they were her biologicial children, which has always been a bit of a question mark, and to shed some light on who might hae been in that coffin along with Gunness – or whoever it was in there. Some speculate that parts of the children were buried in one grave, and parts were buried in another. If the children found in the Gunness grave aren’t hers, who are they?

More updates as they come. Here’s the tribune article.

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