Another Congress Hotel murder

The sheer number of people who’ve died in this hotel just baffles me.

This one took place in 1950 and involves the Superintendent of Service at the hotel and the credit manager. The two of them went to a guy’s room to ask him about $104 that he owed the hotel. The gues, 25 year old John Raymond, told them to wait for a moment while he got his credentials. What he actually got was a pistol – he shot both of them to death, then killed himself.

Those who follow the blog remember the “gunshot” that was heard in a deserted hallway during a recent ghost tour that went there. This probably wasn’t a ghostly echo of this particular one, since this was on a regular guest floor, but there have been a LO T of guns fired off in that place. We’ll be examining a bit more of this once-grand hotel’s sordid history over the next few days!

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2 thoughts on “Another Congress Hotel murder

  1. There is an error in your story about the 1950 murder at the Congress. The Credit Manager was the only one shot other than the gunman. The Credit Manager took a step toward the gunman after being told to get back. The other man who was with the Credit Manager was the Security Manager who was not shot. The Security Manager followed the Credit Manager into the hallway after he was shot. The gunman then shot himself. They both died. My sources are the front pages of the Chicago newspapers from then.

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