Want a sample of what Adam’s tours are like? Well, Adam appears on TV and the radio regularly. Most of the time, he’s on to give an intelligent, historical, distinctly non-new-agey spin on Chicago’s ghost stories (he ran 200+ ghost tours per year from 2005-2015!) Here are some shows he’s done (and don’t forget the podcast!)

Adam talks about Chicago murder mysteries, grave robbing, ghost stories, disasters, and more on WGN’s “Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez,” on which he’s a regular guest. Check out the hilarious recent Halloween party episode!

Adam as a talking head on History’s Channel’s H.H. Holmes episode of Haunted History. Audio is sped up here, for some reason.

Adam on “Paranormal Radio” – a really fun interview that covered everything from opera to silent film!

Adam appears on WBEZ (NPR)’s “Curious City” to talk about ghostlore, back when he worked for Chicago Hauntings (for which he ran over 1000 tours).