Back on the team…

Here’s a bit of company history: before we launched Weird Chicago Tours in 2006, Ken, Troy and I were all a part of another local ghost tour. Even Willy, our driver, was with them at the time. The only person we hadn’t been able to bring to the team from those days was Hector Reyes, the gifted improv comic who drove on most of my tours at the time. He and I had a regular two-step routine going, and the tours we were giving were GREAT. They helped build that company’s reputation big-time – there’s a big extent to which they’re still running on that reputation, even though no one from back then is still working with them. Here’s Ken and Hector, taking a break from hunting ghosts at the Congress Hotel to hunt for zombies:

Well, we’re pleased to announce that Hector is now a part of the Weird Chicago team! I feel like we’ve got the old band back together again. Last night was the first tour I’ve run with Hector in over a year and a half.

Here we are, post tour:

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