Back to Doing Tours

As of last night, I’m back to running tours for Chicago Hauntings. Took two groups around last night, figuring out a new route and seeing how the lay of the land had changed since my last bus tours two years ago. A few things have changed around town, the tour business itself has changed, as new city regulations make it more financially doable to use charter buses than their own buses.

It looks like I’ll be running tours on Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm and 10pm, plus some week days in between. The buses leave from 600 N Clark (the old Rock and Roll McDonalds). Go to or call 1-888-GHOST91 for reservations – ask for me (Adam), and they’ll try to accommodate you.

I also swung by the Ghost Conference at the Portage Theatre yesterday – spoke with lots of cool people that I remember from investigations a couple of years ago, but haven’t seen since I dropped out of the ghost scene for a while there. Several people have asked me if I ever read one of my own books, which is fun.

It’s good to be back – I’m having a good time doing this stuff again (though my throat was NOT used to six solid hours of talking anymore – gotta get it back into fighting shape!)

The new season of Chicago Unbelievable podcasts will launch this week with ghost hunts in a handful of under-investigated locations, and will (for the first time) feature some video. We’re breaking out the gear!  Laser grids, thermal cams, EVP gear…all SORTS of stuff that isn’t exactly useful in the city (where there’s so much in the environment to mess with them), but is always fun to play with!

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