It’s a story you hear now and then: A guy is driving down the road when suddenly a girl jumps out into the path of his car. He panics as he hits the brakes, but it’s too late – he crashes into her with a dull THUD and watches in horror as she bounces off the car and lands on the ground. He pulls over, runs out, and finds that she’s vanished, leaving only an impression in the snow where she fell….

Often, this is said to happen around Resurrection Cemetery – it’s one of the variations on the Resurrection Mary story (though no one can say if it’s the same girl who is seen roaming the grounds or the one who hitches rides).

But last night, it happened on the tour, far away from Archer Avenue.

We were pulling into Sobieski Street, the north side dead end where H.H. Holmes’ “glass bending factory” once stood. As we backed up, there’s was a terrifying THUD and BANG, as though we’d backed into something. I was afraid that Happy Dave, the driver, had backed us into a fire hydrant – or a person.

But when we got out, there was nothing there. Dave was a good four feet from the fire hydrant – or anything else that could have made a big noise. Dave was so freaked out that he didn’t want to return on the 10 o’clock tour, but I was a bit relieved – all things bein equal, if we’re going to hit something, I’d rather it be something that can’t sue us and won’t damage the bus (though we’ve generally found that the bus is nigh-invulnerable).

Sobieski Street was stranger-than-average last night; that blinking light (there’s a light there that occasionally goes off and on whenever I say the names of the people most likely to have been killed/disposed of there) was doing things I’ve never seen it do before in two years of going there – changing colors and whatnot.

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