Could Chicago have a Sharknado?

A 1902 Trib article on an alligator found in the river.
Right near where the Target is now!

It was nice to come from the tour last night and find that from Twitter that we had reached a rare state of national unity, as the whole of America bonded together to live tweet about Sharknado, the SyFy original movie that may be the cinematic achievement of the year.

One nice thing about living in Chicago is that natural disasters aren’t much of a threat. No one has anything ominous to say about fault lines, hurricanes aren’t much of a threat, landslides never happen in places where the biggest hills are the speed bumps, and blizzards come and go, but they ain’t killed us all yet. .

But there COULD be a tornado at any time. Just because we haven’t had one in over a century doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen again next year; meterologists insist there’s no known reason why we couldn’t have one in a big city.

And, of course, there are some venerable myths about sharks in Lake Michigan that may not be as far-fetched as you might think. Various lists of shark attacks state that a boy named George Lawson was attacked by one who had swum inland to Lake Michigan in the 1950s (though this appears to be so poorly documented that it’s really just an urban legend for all practical purposes). Theoretically, there COULD be some sharks in that lake. And a tornado COULD hurl them out of the water and right onto Lake Shore Drive.

But that’s not all. Remember that nice item a couple of years ago about an alligator being found in Bubbly Creek? It wasn’t the first time an alligator/crocodile had been found in there.

So what if we had…. a croco-sharknado?

Rahm and co had BETTER have a plan in place for this.


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