Digging Rolland Burris’ Grave

Plenty of politicians on both sides of the aisle are out to dig our recenty-appointed Senator Burris’s grave – little do they know that he’s beaten them to punch!

In what may be one of the strangest things in Chicago cemeteries today (which is saying something!), out in Oak Woods cemetery, Burris has already erected his own resting place. Plenty of people buy burial plots before need, and some with family plots already have spots in crypts marked for themselves. What sets Burris apart here is that he’s already had a list of many of his accomplishments carved into the thing. Does the man think he’s a pharoah or something?

The tomb features a seal of Illinois, the world “trail blazer” in big letters, and a bench so you can sit there and contemplate how great Burris was (or IS, if you don’t wait til he’s dead to get started). Something tells me he himself can sometimes be found sitting on that bench.

Pictures are all over.

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