Eastland Faces

Here’s a picture taken on one of my tours at the site of the Eastland Disaster a couple of years ago:

See a face in the waves?

As a skeptic, it’s pretty easy for me to brush it off as an optical illusion when this sort of thing happens – but, then again, this sort of picture sort of comes in batches at this location; I’ll go months without seeing one, then, all of a sudden, we’ll get three every tour for a while.

If we want to get (psuedo)scientific, maybe some sort of leftover energy exerted at the moment of death reacts with the environment under certain very rare circumstances and forms the waves into a facial shape resembling that of the dead person. It doesn’t seem LIKELY, but who knows? There’s plenty of stuff we’re still figuring out, and anyone who tells you we’ve got ghosts -or the natural world – all figured out is a quack.

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