Ghost busting!

I dig my job. Yesterday was the first mini-investigation at one of the newer locations (have to keep a lid on where it is for now). There are a handful of haunted pubs in the city that have fallen out of favor in recent years – The Red Lion, for one – partly because there’s just not much of a story behind them. Or, in some cases, the story turns out to be inaccurate (ie The Excalibur, which was never used as a morgue. That story started when people saw photos of bodies from the Eastland in the 2nd Regiment Armory that were marked “chicago historical society,” and thought that it meant the photo was taken there (The Exaclibur is in the former historical society site) when it was actually indicating the owner of the photo, not the place where the it was taken.

Incidentally, the armory is now Harpo Studios, and a few ghost stories have floated around. Some people say Oprah won’t go into the building alone at night, but I can’t imagine the circumstances under which she would have occasion to in the first place.

Anyway, this new place will be announced in our book and upcoming tours – we’re still gathering information on it, but it may be among the most actively haunted pubs in the city!

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