Ghost Pic from the Vaults

While I was going through records and files from old tours today, I came across one from a girl named Anna Schultz from 2007 that I somehow never noticed before. Around that time (especially the summer before it) there were lots of reports of the ghost of a little girl at Hull House, who we nicknamed “Becky.” We’ve no idea who this might be the ghost of, but if I made a list of the 10 coolest possible ghost shots I’ve seen, at least three of them would be “Becky” shots. Here’s Anna’s.

Anna noted in her email that no one was in the garden when the shot was taken. As always, I won’t vouch for it as “authentically paranormal,” but I sure can’t explain this one!
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One thought on “Ghost Pic from the Vaults

  1. Years ago when my dad was alive he also took a photo of th actual Hull house with a woman inside the window. It's been a photo that most would say was fake but rest assured we were there. Dad moved the New Jersey and the photo was never seen again. I guess people really have no idea. This photo is really awesome.

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