H.H. Holmes On the North Side

We’ve been making more regular stops at one of H.H. Holmes former spots on the North Side, at which he had both a house and a “glass bending” factory that was thought to have been a body dump / spot for cremations. Some months ago we noticed the strange flickering light there; most nights I think that it’s just a bad light, but there HAVE been nights when it’s been seen, again and again, to go off or on every time I say the names “Holmes” or “Emily Van Tassel” (the name of the girl he can be assumed to have killed there). On those nights, people tend to accuse me of having a remote control in my pocket. I still think it’s probably just a bad light, but who knows what kind of energies the light might be reacting to in the area?

There’s still a lot to find out about the place – we can only identify one person who was likely to have been killed there, but it seems HIGHLY unlikely to me that Holmes go to all the trouble of getting the place and then only use it once. Some other recent developments:

– We’ve found the foundations of the old glass bending factory itself; that the remaining structure dates to the late 19th century has been confirmed by archaeologists. That it’s been at least that long can be confirmed just by looking at the ancient tree that’s grown over it.

– One night we arrived in the spot and found three hawks with dead doves in their mouths. Creepy business, that.

– There was one possible apparition sighting – that of a woman in a black dress – a few months back.

– The sound of a woman weeping (or something that sounds like that) was heard near the foundation on two recent occasions.

It’s an interesting place for us to go, because it’s genuinely “virgin territory” for ghost hunting; some of our tour stops have been staples of ghost tours for years, and others have at least been thought to be haunted by the staff for years now. In this place, the only stories we have are the things we’ve seen ourselves.

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