Halloween cartoons

, I’ve revamped, revised, and expanded halloweenspecials.net, my website about Halloween TV specials and cartoons. It now features a LOT of actual video and has been expanded a bit. I’ll keep adding onto it over the next few weeks; are their any good specials that I missed?

In other news:
The Ghost Tours are filling up fast for October!
– The ghost hunting book I’m doing for Llewellyn Press is nearly done. I think it’ll be out in Spring/Early Summer of next year.
– The Weird Chicago book is working its way into stores; many area stores have ordered copies.
– my new middle grade book, I PUT A SPELL ON YOU, a spelling bee story based on Watergate, came out last week, and is available all over – Barnes and Noble usually has copies on the shelf.
– Troy tells me he does have a source on the “hand of Frank LEavy” story that at least confirms that it wasn’t made up by the people I THOUGHT might made it up – stay tuned!

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