HH Holmes Posts on Mysterious Chicago

HH Holmes and Jack the Ripper: Chicago Data

Could Holmes have been in London in Fall of 1888, or does evidence show he was in Chicago?

The Skull and Bones of HH Holmes

Examining the remains after their 2017 exhumation – and matching the skull to the 1896 dental cast.

HH Holmes: Known and Suspected Victims Master List

How many people did Holmes kill? Here’s a master list of everyone he was suspected of killing, accused of killing, or admitted to killing (many of whom were still alive!)

The “Murder Castle” Basement (updated!)

Nothing remains of the original “castle” building on 63rd, but here’s a trip to the basement of the post office that stands nearby (and overlaps a tiny bit with the footprint)

Did HH Holmes Kill Dr. Holton?

Many Holmes books since 1940 have implied that Holmes killed old Dr. Holton and his wife… you won’t believe what we found!

Dr. Holmes and Mr. Chappel, the “Skeleton Articulator”

Was Mr. Chappel really a skeleton articulator, or were his tales “the vaporings of a weak mind?”

The Hanging and Burial of HH Holmes

A deeper dive into first hand accounts than any normal person would want to read!

A Victorian Criminologist’s Holmes Data Discovered!

Not only did he collect a trove of letters from people who knew Holmes, he got Holmes to put a lampshade on his head!

Murder Castle First Floor Diagram Found in Legal Archives

One of my favorite finds from the lawsuit paperwork.

The Holmes Castle in Fort Worth

Drawings, diagrams and descriptions of the larger “castle’ Holmes built, then promptly abandoned, in Texas in 1894. 

Kate Durkee: Holmes Victim, or Total Badass?

Holmes confessed to murdering Kate Durkee – but she was alive and kicking ass.