JUST KILL ME announced

Just a quick break from our regularly scheduled program of death, disease and destruction for a little announcement:  In 2015, Simon and Schuster will be publishing my new novel, Just Kill Me, a black comedy about a teenage intern at a Chicago ghost tour company who is accused of murder after rumors spread that the company is making tour stops more haunted by killing people at them.

This’ll be a fun one for Chicago history and ghost-lore fans, as it will have references throughout to Lillian Collier, the Couch Tomb, H.H. Holmes, Resurrection Mary, and other topics I tend to cover a lot on here. I usually avoid writing myself into books as much as I can, but in the rough draft of this one I actually have a character named Adam Selzer (he’s a former star in the ghost business, now a gin-soaked recluse with a terrible secret). I’ll probably change his name at the last minute, though!

While I’m at it, here’s a quick plug for the book of mine S&S is putting out in August, Play Me Backwards. 

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