Let’s start things off with a podcast!

What better way to celebrate a re-branded site than with a podcast?  When Hector and I went to Bachelor’s Grove last fall, I thought we were recording the LAST Weird Chicago podcast (I hadn’t worked for/with that company in nearly a year at that point).  I now realize that it was really the FIRST Chicago Unbelievable podcast!  To start things off, I’ve remastered and remixed that episode in MUCH higher quality and broken it into a couple of episodes, including much more of the trip than you ever got to hear before. You can download it from archive.org or wait a little bit until it hits iTunes.

There’ll be a couple more “remixed and repurposed” episodes, but I promise you that we’ll be bringing you BRAND NEW EPISODES very soon!  I’ll add a “subscribe” button for iTunes here as soon as one is available.


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