More Pioneer Ghostlore (Podcast)

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There’s wasn’t time in last week’s podcast, The Bloody Hand of West Randolph, to cover all the great stuff in the 1888 Chicago book about early ghost stories. So now we’re back, covering a few more, including:

  •  – The Prairie Wraith, a woman in a pale yellow dress who was often seen floating around the prairie grass on the northwest side back in the 1840s, arms outstretched as though she was looking for something. There was no hint as to who she was the ghost of, so we speculate that it may be have been Lucretia Thompson, whose nw side murder in 1840 led to Chicago’s first hanging.
  • The Court House Ghost, whose disembodied shrieks around the old courthouse made national news in 1867. Here, it’s suggested that it’s the ghost of one of new men who’d been hanged in a double murder around that time – presumably Fleming and Corbett, who were hanged together in 1865. The drawing above is them as pictured in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper
  • And a phosphorescent…. mule. Yep. A glowing mule was said to haunt the area below the loop between 22nd and 31st, about where Chinatown is now.

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