Murder Castle of HH Holmes Ebook EXPANDED!

Our first ebook, THE MURDER CASTLE OF HH HOLMES, has now been expanded to a FULL LENGTH book. Re-organized with tons of new info, new diagrams, and more to tell a more complete picture of the famous “castle” through eyewitness accounts from people lived and worked in the building. Now over 55,000 words to tell you everything down to the combination to the soundproof vault!

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It includes:
More than three dozen diagrams, drawings and pictures, many seen here for the first time since the 1890s
– A lengthy long-lost interview with Holmes conducted in his jail cell about the castle, his life, and his personal beliefs. Would Holmes prefer hanging or execution? Did he believe in ghosts and the supernatural? Find out here (assuming he was telling the truth!)
– Copies of legal records relating to the “castle.” 
– Dozens of first-hand accounts about life in and around the castle, both during Holmes’ time there and during the 1895 investigation. 
– Detailed information about seldom-heard stories about Holmes, including his near-gunfight with a neighbor, the man who died in the castle drugstore, and many more. 
– In-depth background info, contextual information and analysis about each source, as well as info on the relatives merits of the many Chicago newspapers of the 1890s. 
– Adam’s report on the basement of the post office that stands on a portion of the grounds where the castle once stood.

So, wanna know what’s in the book? Take a look at the table of contents. Each chapter comes with background information and contextual data.

 INTRODUCTION: The Holmes Case
Photo: THE CASTLE, 1895
Drawing:: THE CASTLE, 1895.
Drawing: The Castle in The CHICAGO MAIL
Drawing: Front View from CHICAGO MAIL
Drawing: Castle Image from CHICAGO INTER OCEAN
Drawing: Castle Side view from the CHICAGO TIMES HERALD
Diagram: Second Floor in NY World Diagram:
Second Floors from the TIMES HERALD
Diagram: Second Floor from Chicago Record
Diagram: Second Floor from a 1905 tabloid
Diagram: Third Floor from the TIMES HERALD
Diagram: First Floor
Diagram: Basement from The Inter Ocean
Diagram: Basement from the Times Herald
Diagram: Sectional View of Castle, Times Herald
Basement Excavations Map
Eyewitness Account: E.F. Laughlin
Court Summons
Promissory Note for Castle Startup Funds
Eyewitness Account: Fitzallen Woodbury and Benjamin Nixon on a known Death in the Castle Eyewitness: EC Davis
Eyewitness: Thomas Levy Tuck
Eyewitness: Mrs. John C
Eyewitness: Ned Conner
Eyewitness: Mrs. Sylvester
Eyewitness: Mrs. Loomis
Eyewitness: Mrs. Beardsley
Eyewitness: George Bowman
1893: The Castle Discovered
Eyewitness: Joe Owens on the 1893 Fire
Holmes and Revolver
The Castle After the Fire
Eyewitness: Mrs Ladd
The Deadly Stove: The Investigation Begins.
Drawing: The Stove
Searching the Basement
The Bloody Rope
The Bloody Garment in the Ground
Eyewitness: Detective Fitzpatrick
Eyewitness: Albert Phillips
Bloody Wrapper in a Barrell
Human Bones in the Basement
Eyewitness Account: Unnamed Furnace Maker (july 23) 1895
Description 2: Designed For Dark Work
Eyewitness: Ned Conner on the Secret Chamber
 Eyewitness: Joe Owens
Eyewitness: Dr. and Mrs. MB Lawrence
Eyewitness: BJ Cigrand
Chief Ross’s Theory on Emeline
Drawing: The False Vault
Jonathan Belknap
Eyewitness: Inspector Fitzpatrick
Eyewitness: Daily News reporter
No Proof of Murder
Jeweler Davis and the Novelist
Jeweler Davis and the Trunk
Eyewitness: Henry Darrow
HH Holmes’ Kite
The Quinlans Confess – Maybe
Facsimile of The Signatures
Overalls and Blood
The Deadly Gas Debunked?
The Chicago Mail Gives Up
Eyewitness: Cora Quinlan
1895 Description: Castle of a Modern Bluebeard
Was the Castle About to be a Museum?
The Castle Burns (Again) 1895:
The Glass Bending Factory
1896: The Castle Torn Down
Holmes Castle Ad
Eyewitness Account: HH Holmes
Attorney Duncombe on Holmes
1896: The Castle on the Day Holmes Was Hanged
1902: Tge Murder Castle is Haunted Castle
Photo: 1902 (with tower)
1903: Another Fire
1937: The Murder Castle Today
Castle Photo: 1937
1938: Castle Will be Razed
Castle Site Today
Full List of Evidence Found

Just 3.99 on Kindle!
Don’t have a kindle? No problem! Get a FREE Kindle App for Your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC!

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