New Book: Mysterious Chicago – History at its Coolest

The new Mysterious Chicago book is in stores today, Oct 26, 2016! There is a launch party tonight at Anderson’s Books in Naperville at 7pm, though if I knew I’d be competing against a cubs World Series, I might not have scheduled it like this!

Featuring dozens of unsolved mysteries from Chicago’s gruesome history, many of which have never been retold since they first made the papers over a century ago, including:

  • Did George Gr61z3amtfspleen really still the gallows (and does a copy of the photo of his corpse survive?)
  • What really started the Great Chicago fire?
  • Who built the submarine found wrecked in the river in 1915 – and what became of it?
  • Who ordered the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?
  • Was the lonesome death of Barton Edsall a murder or a suicide?
  • Was Thomas Neill Cream Chicago’s first serial killer?
  • Who was the Chicago hang man?
  • Do the John Huck tunnels still survive beneath the Gold Coast?
  • Who’s in Ira Couch’s tomb?
  • Is there a Revolutionary War soldier buried in Rosehill?
  • Does a photo survive of Wilbur Storey’s “Castle?”
  • What happened to the trunk of evidence from the H.H. Holmes “Murder Castle?”
  • Was the Lipstick Killer innocent?
  • Was there a “third man” present at the first automobile murder?
  • How many wives did Johann Hoch kill?
  • How many husbands did Tillie Klimek kill?
  • Was Richard Ivens hynoptized into confessing t
    o murder?
  • Is Walter Newberry buried in a barrel?

and more! 

Find it at your local independent bookstore today, or click a link below: 


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2 thoughts on “New Book: Mysterious Chicago – History at its Coolest

  1. Adam:
    RE: Fool Killer

    The last reference I saw about the Fool Killer Submarine is that it was at an amusement park in Chicago until the park was closed and redeveloped. Was it scrapped? Where is it now?

    1. Hi! Some months after its time at Riverview there is an advertisement saying that ti’s for sale, but no one knows what happened to it after that. It was likely sold for scrap during the war, but COULD be rotting away in a garage someplace for all anyone knows.

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