Did the murderous H.H. Holmes put a curse on all those present at his trial? And did so many of them die that some believed Holmes was taking revenge from beyond the grave? Stories of Holmes and his “Evil Eye” have been circulating since before his execution in 1896. In the twenty years after that, around 30 people were listed as victims of the “curse.” Here, for the first time, is the surprising truth – a comprehensive list of supposed victims and their stories, all taken from contemporary sources. Though author Adam Selzer, (Your Neighborhood Gives Me the Creeps, Llewellyn 2009 and the Chicago Unbelievable blog) believes some of the stories were hearsay, some of the evidence is truly shocking. This 17,000 word mini-ebook contains 24 illustrations, including the death certificates of Holmes and several of the curse victims, as well as an active table of contents. Also included is the mysterious 2000 word “missing confession” from the Philadelphia North American.
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