New podcast episode: “Ghost Hunting in Lincoln Park”

New Episode!
Grave Robbing
in Lincoln Park

Chicago Unbelievable

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Lincoln Park is one of those places that certainly OUGHT to be haunted, given its history. Plenty of bodies remain from the land’s stint at the chicago City Cemetery, upwards of 100 people committed suicide by jumping off the “high bridge,” known as “suicide bridge,” and there were plenty of murders over the years. Around the turn of the 20th century, the Tribune said that there had been enough violent deaths in the park to furnish a ghost for every nook and cranny.

We didn’t find any ghosts, but we did have a good time tromping around looking!

Here’s the long-demolished Suicide Bridge:

And the Couch Tomb (a regular tour stop for me these days) as it appeared with me in front of it a couple of years ago:
A close-up on the door:
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