New podcast today: Inside the Murder Castle

It’s a big day here at Chicago Unbelievable – our three new “e-singles” from Llewellyn Press are scheduled to hit Amazon today!  I’ll have links to each of them. In the mean time, today I can release all of the “murder castle” stuff! Look to your right and there’s a link to the “murder castle audio and video” that I took when I got into the basement of the post office built on the site in June, 2012.

And in the mean time, there’s a new Murder Castle Podcast – it can downloaded for free from  or from iTunes right now!  It includes some audio feed from the portion of the basement that would have overlapped with the footprint, including the now-famous “singing girl” sound. I’m not normally one to get too excited about weird voices on recordings – you usually have to use too much imagination. But the voice here is louder and clearer than my own. I never say anything I picked up is truly a ghost – there’s no such thing as “good” ghost evidence, only “cool” ghost evidence.

This is a cool one, though. I’ve been playing it for people on tours. I’ve NEVER had a recording so clear and loud that I could play it off my phone into the bus mic and expect everyone to be able to hear it.

One of the new e-singles, Inside the Murder Castle, will tell the whole story of the place. Look for it later today!

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