New Updates to Old Posts

We here at Chicago Unbelievable always want to keep our facts straight – part of the reason I HAVE this blog is to refute some of the stories that less scrupulous tour guides tell, and to set the record straight if I find out that I’m wrong on something myself. Blog entries are updated as needed. Ghost stories are often impossible to get a source on one way or the other, but I’ve always insisted that we should at least tell the historical stories behind them properly.

Some recent updates:

New info found on Anton LaVey and the Hancock Building. Was he really born where it stands, or is that just something he used to say? It appears that his parents actually lived in the to-die for Casa Bonita apartments in West Rogers Park.

A commenter adds an interesting note to The Death of Hymie Weiss.

I’ve also updated the Myths about HH Holmes entry. Most of the stories going around about that guy are way off. Some come from misconceptions, some from pulp retellings, and some come from very recently-created balderdash.

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