OCTOBER BEGINS with Adam The Whistling Ghost

One thing we don’t focus on too much here is ghosts of private homes. One simple reason for this is that there are just too many supposedly haunted houses in Chicago. Another is that we rarely have any way to research them, and certainly can’t bring them onto tours. A third is that we don’t want people harassing the owners of haunted houses, which can certainly happen.

But the story of Adam the Whistling ghost is old enough that I suppose it’s fair game.

Adam was an apparition seen around a private home on Hudson Avenue in Old Town and reported in the Tribune back in the 70s. The two owners of the house started hearing the ghost, which they called “Adam” calling their names as soon as they moved in.

The two owners never SAW the ghost, but two of their friends said they did – and so did their three-year-old son, who said that the ghost taught him how to whistle. When his parents heard him whislting and asked where he’d learned it, he said it was from “Adam, the man in the basement, taught me.”

One of the friends saw him during a party – and didn’t realize it was a ghost. he thought it was just a weird guy who sat on a chair, staring at him in a way that made him want to punch him out.

THose who saw the ghost agreed that he was a man in his late teens wearing denim pants and a sport shirt, though they differed on whether his eyes were blue or brown.

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