Podcast: H.H. Holmes and the Great Glass Bending Factory (Part 1)

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HH Holmes and
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We’ve spent a lot of time looking into the story that H.H. Holmes used a glass bending factory on Sobieski Street (now Seeley Ave) as a crematory. Results (as with all things to do with Holmes) aren’t fully conclusive, but there were enough strange-goings on at the location when I used to take Devil in the White City tour groups there that I wound up adding to to my ghost tour routes. For this podcast, we recap the story of the glass works, begin to investigate the grounds, and, while we’re there, record a phone conversion with Holmes’ great great grandson, Jeff Mudgett.

Jeff’s relation to Holmes and the theory that Holmes was also Jack the Ripper form the basis of his new novel, Bloodstains. It’s a really gripping suspense story. See a link on the left! In our interview, he talks about the book, the various theories on Holmes, and what it’s like in the basement of the post office built where the “murder castle” used to stand. Believe me, that Holmes was Jack the Ripper and that he faked his death in 1896 are FAR less implausible than many of the more commonly accepted stories about Holmes.

Here are some links to download the episode. There are some interesting noises and voices – do you hear anything we’ve missed?

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The dead-end street once known as Sobieski:

The garage that marks the likely location of the glass bending factory:
A shot by Jen Hathy of the parking area and overgrown lot next door:
Jeff Mudgett Skypes in while we’re on location:
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