Podcast: Hector and the Lump of Coal

Hector, our podcast co-host, took a lump of coal home from Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery on the far south side in 2010. Since then, he says, he’s had nothing but bad luck. So we return the coal from whence it came, and discuss some new information and stories about the cemetery while we’re at it.

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The world only needs so many new pictures of Bachelor’s Grove, but here are a couple:

Hector and the Lump of Coal. This is truly the loof of a man who, moments before, tried to launch the oddest new catch phrase of the year (I won’t spoil it) and has had some time to think about the choices he’s made lately. Like hiking through the woods near the cemetery in shorts and sandals.

The pond, in its splendor. Can you spot the frogs?

Look for a few more new episodes soon, as we check out more burial grounds, odd neighborhoods, and haunted spots!

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