Podcast Update

It’s been some time since we posted an episode of the Weird Chicago podcast (available on iTunes for free!), but at least a couple will be coming VERY soon, including:

1. Updates
Updates on what’s been going on, ghost-wise and research-wise, at the places we’ve featured on other podcasts. There’s a lot of catching up to do!

2. The Old Criminal Court – in honor of the publication of FATAL DROP: TRUE TALES OF THE CHICAGO GALLOWS, we’re finally releasing our long-delayed podcast recorded during out overnight ghost hunt at the old Criminal Court building, adjacent to the site of the old gallows itself!

We made recordings for a podcast during the zombie new year’s party, but actually USING it might not be the wisest thing I ever tried. It’s mostly me impersonating Captain Hook and picking on the hitchhiking hipping we picked up.

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