Ran a tour last weekend for Michelle Kwasniewski and her friends on the occasion of her birthday – it was a really, really fun tour, if I do say so myself! Michelle just sent in a whole set of spooky pictures that were taken on the tour (which was also the night we saw the changed sign at the congress hotel). Here’s one of the spookier ones:

That’s me, looking all ghostly. My guess is that this is just one of those camera whatzits that happen from time to time (though they do seem to be more common in Death Alley, the alley behind the site of the Iroquois Theatre, where this picture was taken – battery drainage is very common back there), but it sure is spooky-looking! Anyone else thinks the misty blur sort of looks like a face?

Here’s a bit from Michelle’s email that I just have to share:

“I also wanted to thank you again for giving us a fantastic tour experience, we could have not wished for a better guide and driver (Willie is awesome, though a man of few words still very funny.) We’re already discussing when we’d like to take the next tour with you. Most likely will book this summer sometime and do the pub crawl hehe(big suprise right) you were extremely accomidating and very patient with everyone’s questions and pulling your time in different directions. I honestly couldn’t have dreamed a better birthday( the party continued into the wee hours after we left you but I’m sure you guessed as much.) Feel free to post this as a customer review as I will also be going to the weird chicago site and do the same. You guys were the best!”

* – identification removed to keep us looking professional 🙂

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