The Hand of Drywall Dave – Update!

This is the infamous “Devil’s Hand” at the Congress Hotel, which is visible through a hole in the wall in a back closet at the congress hotel. We found it on an investigation of the place back in 2006.

We first blogged about it over a year ago.

Since then, while we’ve joked that it was a mysterious, ghostly hand of Drywall Dave the (probably mythical) worker who was walled up inside the place, or supposed-resident ghost Teddy Roosevelt carryin’ a big stick, or (Willie the Driver’s favorite) Jimmy Hoffa, we always assumed it was, in reality, a glove that got plastered over by a construction worker with a weird sense of humor.

The other night, though, I went to take a look at it for the first time since 2006 (it’s out of the way and a pain in the neck to get to). It’s deteriorated a bit since then – enough that we can see that it was never a glove. We’re not sure what it IS, or why it looks so much like a hand (it does seem to have four fingers and a thumb). It probably isn’t anything paranormal, but it’s certainly not an old glove!

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