The Snowman That Came to Life in Logan Square

As the holidays roll around, let’s consider a REALLY weird piece of Chicago history – the snowman that allegedly came to life in Logan Square in 1958. According to legend, the snow man became sentient after children placed a mysterious black hat on his head, and, after beginning to dance around, he ran away through the square, disobeying traffic cops and threatening to come back again someday.

Some insist that the story was true, but evidence is slim. Olga Durlochen’s “Good Grief, More Chicago Spooks” lists three eyewitnesses, but census data indicates that at least two of them never existed. Newspapers of the day don’t seem have picked up the story, leaving us with very little documentary evidence beyond the usual hearsay. Researchers, who note the similarities between this story and the Jewish legend of the Golem, generally believe it to be little more than an urban myth, but some people can still be found poking around soil samples in Logan Square, trying to find “proof.”

Others wait for the day when “Frosty” fulfills his own prophesy and returns, but there have been no sightings in the last half century.

Happy Holidays from the Weird Chicago gang!

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