Things You Find Around the City #1: Old Addresses

Traces of the city as it was a century ago are everywhere – looking for them while walking, biking or driving around is like a treasure hunt.

One of the trickier things to find is old addresses. All of the numbers of addresses were changed in 1909 – which can really make finding the exact location of certain old buildings that we investigate a challenge, even with the renumbering guide – and some houses, especially many built around the 1880s, had elaborately built their original address into the building, often in stained glass. Quite a few people put up the new address but left the old one up, as well:

According to the gang over at Forgotten Chicago, the best place to find these is in the Ukranian Village – that’s where I found the one pictured above. There does seem to be quite a handful of them there!

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