Tour Report!

We interrupt this month of historical posts for a report on tonight’s tour….

An interesting night – the loud noise in the Florentine Ballroom was back, but it wasn’t the same noise I heard before – it was coming from the ceiling, and sounded like someone dropping hammers and tools on the roof. However, there was no construction going on, and the only thing above the domed ceiling is a blank space. Security told me “You think that’s scary? Come here at three a.m.! There are footsteps, noises, cold chills, you name it!” They’ve been telling us this since we started investigating the place two years ago, but I never experienced any of it until a couple of months ago.

There was also some weirdness going on outside the location of H.H. Holmes’ glass bending factory (which was thought to be used more for cremations than glass bending) – which has had its share of strange nights lately. Last week we pulled in to find three hawks with dead birds in their mouths outside of the place.

But most interesting to me tonight was the crowd – a good portion of the group was composed of senior citizens. One of them had her high school prom in the Gold Ballroom in 1936. Another grew up near the murder castle sight (while it was still standing – it stood until 1938) and told us that she always got spooked walking by the spot, but never knew why until she read Devil in the White City.

We filmed part of the tour tonight for an upcoming youtube commercial, so we actually DO have recordings of the noises in the Florentine Room tonight!

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