Virtual Tour Sat Mar 28, 11am: Health Scares in History

In this strange new age, we tour guides still have to find a way to work! Though our scheduled “Health Scares in History” tour at Graceland Cemetery had to be canceled, we’re going to run it as a no-audience tour to be streamed live on our Facebook page. We’ve been running short live videos there every morning (all safely within social distancing guidelines).

Though the tour will feature several monuments and stories that appear regularly in our Graceland tours, we will focus on “Health Scares in History” stories, such as the 1866 cholera epidemic, and the 1918 flu pandemic. We’ll also discuss Victorian causes of death such as diptheria, cholera infantum, and tuberculosis, and talk about how science helped us fight them.

It’ll be free to stream the tour as it happens, but we suggest making a donation via:
venmo (adamchicago)
paypal (
cashapp ($mysteriouschicago)

Or join the new Patreon – the video will be saved for patrons at tier 2 and above!

To log on, just be on our Facebook page on Saturday, March 28 at 11am. Want practice? We’ll be broadcasting something every morning at 10am.

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