Wanna see a dead body?

Wanna see a dead body? Well, now you can!

In 1999, when Del Close, founder of the Second City died, he left his skull to the Goodman Theatre so that next time they do Hamlet, he can play Yorick. It’ll surely be the most memorable Hamlet in the city since the 1862 production around the corner at Mcvickers (see previous post).

Anyway, I just got a call from the Goodman Theatre, who are in the midst of a last-minute fundraising drive. And I got them to promise me that, if I joined at the “Star” level, they’d show me the skull. I don’t have enough money to join up myself, but they will probably make the same deal for you. So go on over to goodman.org, give them a call, and offer them money to see Del’s skull. They keep it in a glass case in the art director’s office, and they assure me that it’s actually his skull, not someone else’s (despite all evidence to the contrary).

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