We’d like to thank you, Herbert Hoover…

We’re still working on the podcast from out investigation of the old courthouse building , but, for now, here’s an interesting factoid. After the courts were moved, the old court building became a transient shelter for depression-era hobos. You could sleep on the floor for nothing or on a cot for a dime. The hobos named the place the Hotel Hoover. Here’s a shot of it:

Poor Herbert Hoover. He was among the most admired men in the world before he became President – the British even offered him a seat in parliament. His efforts to keep most of Europe from starving to death during WWI led people around the world to call him The Great Humanitarian. And he did act immediately when the depression hit; trouble was, his policies just didn’t work very well, and FDR beat him in the biggest landslide ever – the second biggest being the margin by which Hoover had been elected in the first place.

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  1. Herbert Hoover could not have been offered a seat in the House of Commons as these are only taken by duly elected members of that House. He was offered a seat in the British Cabinet. Cabinet Members cab coopted

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