Who’s Buried in Ira Couch’s Tomb?

The old City Cemetery (now Lincoln Park) is a regular stop on our tours, and there will be a big section on it in the book.

Pamela Bannos at Northwestern has put together a terrific webpage that compiles historical documents, contemporary articles, and other neat stuff about – including some really groundbreaking research!

Check it out at http://hiddentruths.northwestern.edu/.

One thing we don’t mind doing here at Chicago Unbelievable is admitting we were wrong. For some time, when we passed the Couch Tomb, we’d tell people that Couch himself apparently wasn’t in it – a story that’s gone around quite a bit. We’re not sure where that story came from; our research for the book indicated (as does Bannos) that Couch is certainly in there – the mystery is who’s in there WITH him! The last time they tried to bury someone in there was when James Couch, Ira’s brother died. The door was rusted shut by then, and they decided to bury him in Rose Hill rather than trying to blast their way in with dynamite.

Thanks to Bea for the tip!

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