2019 Tour Dates!

Author Adam Selzer presents the most fascinating, entertaining, and historically accurate tours available! Many tours are in partnership with Atlas Obscura. . New tours and dates are being added all the time; join the mailing list or Facebook page for regular updates!  

Regularly-scheduled tours will return in Spring, 2019! 


Graceland, “Fewer Rich White Guys” Edition – Sat, May 4, 11am

Rosehill – May 5

Graceland, Sat May 18, 11am

Graceland, Sat, May 18, 1:30pm

Tues, April 30, 7:30pm

Tues, June 4, 7:30pm

See our blog posts about Holmes!

Wed, May 15, 7pm

Sun, May 19, 2019 7pm

(June date coming soon)

Want a tour at a date/time not listed? If you have at least 3 people, we can add one at a custom date and time (schedule permitting).  Email adam@mysteriouschicago.com with dates and requests to make arrangements!


GHOSTS OF CHICAGO: Adam Selzer is the author of GHOSTS OF CHICAGO and has run over 1000 ghost tours since 2005! This walking tour is the very best, most historically reliable and exceptionally entertaining ghost tour in town. The route varies, but usually includes stories of vanishing hitchhikers, HH Holmes, the old city jail and gallows, disasters, and more.  Bring a camera – weird things have been known to happen! MORE INFO 

ARCHITECTURE OF MYSTERIOUS CHICAGO:  A tour of the Windy City’s historical architecture, tracing the history of our great skyscrapers from pre-Fire style to modernism, weaving in stories of historical crime, unsolved mysteries, and strange history. Adam has run hundreds of architectural river tours for various companies around town. MORE INFO

HH HOLMES: THE DEVIL DOWNTOWN HH Holmes may be best known for his “castle,” which sat on the vacant space next to the Englewood post office, several miles south of downtown. But he can be traced to LOTS of places around the loop, too! This deep dive into Holmes career traces his footprints around downtown. Adam is the author of HH HOLMES: THE TRUE HISTORY OF WHITE CITY DEVIL and appeared on four episodes of AMERICAN RIPPER on the History Channel; he is among the world’s leading Holmes experts. MORE INFO

GRAVE ROBBING 101 Lincoln Park was the City Cemetery once upon a time, and not only are a few relics still there, the stories are there, too! Drawing from vintage news reports and reminsces of people who were there, this tour not only shows off those relics, but featured several tales of grave robbing that took place on the grounds over the years – with all the info you need to launch YOUR career as a 19th century body snatcher, today! MORE INFO

GRACELAND or ROSEHILL CEMETERY History is literally carved in stone in these historical cemeteries! A stroll of famous (and lesser known, but equally fascinating) grave sites. MORE INFO

THE DARKER SIDE OF TAYLOR STREET Now and then in research, Adam notices a LOT of stories popping up in the same area – and one of these is the stretch of “Little Italy” on Taylor between Halsted and Ashland. The one mile stroll features tales of gangsters, arsonists, ghosts, devil babies, hangings, murders, and more. MORE INFO