New Book: Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Chicago History

Twenty-five profiles of notable jerks from Chicago history who are too dead to complain that I’m making fun of them – available now from Globe Pequot Press.

Includes profiles of:
John Kinzie, our first killer
Bathhouse John, our worst poet
Kitty Adams: The Terror of State Street
HH Holmes, our first serial killer
Al Capone, the most famous mobster of all
Wilbur F. Storey, the racist newspaper editor
Thomas Hines, the rebel spy
Captain Streeter, the last pioneer
Adolph Luetgert, Sausage King of Chicago
Harry Spencer, opium fiend killer
Charles Comiskey, cheapskate
Tillie Klimek, the Black Widow
Johann Hoch, the Black Widower
Big Bill Thompson, the Buffoon-in-Chief
and more!
Available now from:
and the other usual suspects
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