Well, this is one for the “we can whine, or we can laugh about it” files.

It seems that the first handful of copies of Weird Chicago: The Book will have a misprint on the cover – namely, in the part of the subtitle that says “Forgotten history,” the word “forgotten” is spelled “forgtten.”

This just begs for jokes. “How forgotten is it? So forgotten that we forgot the O!”

This still puts us in safer territory than the first printing of another local ghost book which had to be recalled due to a serious amount of factual errors (apparently of the slanderous variety). And, anyway, it will make that first printing a highly-sought-after collectable, like that stamp where the airplane is upside-down, the baseball card where Billy Ripken has the F-word written on the end of his bat, or that Star Wars trading card that makes it look like Threepio has a wiener.

Hurry up and order your limited edition “typo” copy today, and retire in STYLE tomorrow!*

* note: rise in value is not a guarantee with our products any more than it is for those commemorative plates** from the Franklin Mint that have the Family Circus on ’em.

** – anyone interested in a limited edition commemorative plate of the Foolkiller Submarine? Or about one of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre? People pay a killing and three quarters (pun not intended) for bricks that may or may not even be from the garage, why not a commemorative plate?

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