Perfect Strangers on the Ghost Tours

Many tours that feature the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre site then point out the building on the nearby corner of Clark and Dickens, which features the restaurant (currently Mello’s) where Bugs Moran is said to have ducked in for a bagel and coffee when he saw the stolen police cars outside of SMC Cartage on that fateful day.

I’m not entirely sure that the Moran story is entirely true (many recent books do have him ducking into a coffee shop with two bodyguards during the massacre, but I haven’t seen a GOOD source), but the building IS a minor Chicago landmark: it’s the apartment building where Larry and Balki lived starting in Season 3 of Perfect Strangers! Or, anyway, that’s the building they showed in the establishing shots (the interiors filmed on a sound stage in L.A., like just about every other sitcom that ever took place in Chicago, New York, etc.)

In any case, was rent so much lower in Lincoln Park in the late 80s that Larry could afford the place on an entry-level gig at a Chicago newspaper? Or was this a thing like on Friends, where it was an illegal sublet of a rent-controlled apartment where the original renter was dead?

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