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This is Storm Shadow. You shall perish. This is only a warning, but next time will be your fate.
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Chicago Unbelievable: The Podcast 2.0

We had a buttload of problems with the podcast – the feed seems to have gotten broken in a server migration, and no one’s subscription was working.  So, we’ve gotten to work and started from scratch with Chicago Unbelievable: The Podcast 2.0 . It’s back on iTunes with working links – and a whole new episode to entice you to re-subscribe!

Tomorrow, we’ll be posting TWO major new articles about The Italian Bride of Mt. Carmel – one here, and one on The Order of the Good Death. There’s a lot of new info and never-before-seen photos. As a preview, there’s a new episode of the podcast in which we journey out to Mt. Carmel and talk about the recent findings and news.

We discuss new findings about a famous piece of Chicago Folklore: Julia Buccola-Petta, the Italian Bride!
Hear it (w/ slideshow) on Youtube
Download via archive.org
Chicago Unbelievable: The Podcast 2.0
Pictures, Buccola Family timeline, and more (coming Thurs)
Order of the Good Death Article (coming Thurs)

Check back tomorrow for TWO of the biggest articles in Chicago Unbelievable history!
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