Regarding “The F— Saw” Demonstration at Northwestern

Regarding Ken Melvoin-Berg’s demonstration of a power tool/sex toy at Northwest University that’s gotten enough media attention to draw people here…I was not involved.

I don’t work with Ken anymore. I can’t comment on things he does and I don’t vouch for the accuracy of anything he says on tours. I’m just a smart-ass historian who writes smart-ass books (and according to S.J. Adams, I’m the kingpin of the “YA Mafia”). I don’t run tours for Weird Chicago Tours anymore and have no hand in their operations, not do I get any money from them.  I may be changing the name of this blog altogether soon.

That’s all. Thank you!

Update: as you can see, the name was changed the day after this post went up. The Weird Chicago podcast has been removed from iTunes. Chicago Unbelievable is up an running in its place!

No, I will not come demonstrate a fucksaw at your frat house or bachelorette party.

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