Suburban Library Talks!

I’ll be giving “Ghosts of Chicago” talks at two suburban libraries this year – I’d do more, but my tour schedule is keeping me awfully busy!

I’ll be at the Glenside Library tonight (10/17) at 7pm, and at the Forest Park library on Tuesday, Oct 23.  These are free and open to the public.

If you’re coming on a tour and want to be on my bus specifically, you need to tell them this when you book. And, as hectic as things get (for weekends, especially, we get about 6x as many people as can fit on one bus), you might want to remind the office of that as tour time approaches. Call 888-GHOST91.

Meanwhile I’m putting some finishing touches on the new ghost book I wrote for Llewellyn; it’ll be out next fall. I’m mostly just adding photos now, but this time of year I tend to hear a lot of new first hand stories to add in as well.

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